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Isaiah 54:13 says, “All your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be peace of your children.”

Our Services


6 weeks- 29 months

The Bishop Baraga infant classroom provides a nurturing and serene Catholic environment for non-mobile or crawling babies. Here, infants can explore safely while being nurtured by attentive caregivers. The setting features age-appropriate furniture and materials, prioritizing safety without restricting movement. Specifically designed furniture encourages independence, such as soft crawling obstacles, mirrors for self-awareness, individual cribs for sleeping, and a wealth of stimulating materials to peak your infants interest and curiousity.


Mobile - 36 months

The Bishop Baraga toddler classroom promotes independence, confidence, and language development in a fantastic Catholic setting. Adults use proper language, encourage communication between children, and provide a variety of books for exploration. Children work independently, observe others, and express curiosity and creativity. The environment includes a self-care area for personal hygiene, a sleeping area with cots for autonomy, a space for gross motor activities, and low tables for snack and meal preparation.


Preschool 3s & 4s

Bishop Baraga Academy's philosophy transcends the confines of the classroom, extending its influence into homes, families, communities, and beyond. We will impact your child's lifelong journey. In our caring Catholic environment, we emphasize holistic development.

Enrolling your child in our mult-age preschool program nurtures academic curiosity, instills responsibility, cultivates moral integrity, and fosters social-emotional intelligence, enabling them to build joyful and productive connections with others.


Kinder Prep (4s-5s)

As parents, you understand your child's needs best. If you feel your child could benefit from another year before Kindergarten, Bishop Baraga Academy offers Montessori-style classes. Our intentional approach fosters order, concentration, and independence, nurturing self-regulation (the ability to educate oneself )and stimulating curiosity. Students develop confidence, enthusiasm, and self-direction through our Catholic forward and deliberate classroom environments. They learn to think critically, collaborate effectively, and act boldly, laying a solid foundation for future success.


Microschool K-5

At Bishop Baraga Academy, our teachers and school environment model ways to live out our Catholic faith. Catholicism is in everything we do, not just in a religion class. We honor diverse learning styles and support individualized learning paths. Our multi-age classrooms foster a familial atmosphere where older students mentor and younger ones gain confidence. Teachers exemplify respect, kindness, and conflict resolution. Students actively participate in shaping their learning focus within established guidelines.


Summer '25 Programming

This area is under development but if your child has an interest that our community does not currently offer programming for please let us know!

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